Definitively erase and destroy any Windows folder or file using...

Definitively erase and destroy any Windows folder or file using low level overwrite and standard procedures: * US Department of Defense DOD 5220.

22-M (5 overwrites ) * HMG Infosec Standard 5 Enhanced (3 overwrites) * German VSITR (7 overwrites) * Guttmann (32 overwrites) * Navso P-5329-26 (3 overwrites) * Single Overwrite (1 overwrite) With NShred you can eliminate confidential information and data from PC drives.

Name, size, contents of erased file or folder can never be recovered, by any software or hardware means. Why just deleting is not enough? When you delete a file or a folder in WindowsTM it is not actually erased.

Simply, the hard disk descriptor table is updated and the file entry is removed. So, the actual bytes of the file remain on the disk. Even when the file area is overwritten, it is still possibile to recover data, by applying certain laboratory procedures since it's rare that a portion of the hard disk is rewritten more than 5/10 times.

It has been calculated that information is completely unrecoverable only after more than 30 rewrites. How can NShred effectively destroy any data?

NShred detects the file area on the hard disk or other drive. This area includes metadata on file, such as name and date. The area is then rewritten 'n' times depending on the procedure.

For instance, with DOD algorithm, the file area is rewritten first with 0 bit, then with 1 bit, then with a random byte. After rewriting, the file area is reduced to zero, the file renamed with random characters and finally deleted.

This procedure guarantees that not even a single byte from the former file can ever be retrieved. Why NShred is different from other shredding tools?

While the majority of shredding tools are brute force and operating system agnostic erasing tools, NShred behaves accordingly to the underlying Operating System (OS), denying the user the possibility to turn it unstable.

For instance, if the OS denies a delete operation, NShred will NOT erase the file. The user will be able to erase it later when it is no more locked by the OS.

Plus, NShred is a. NET Framework Smart Client application, which ensure the user with a superior robustness and full compatibility and integration with the latest Microsoft Operating Systems and tools.

NShred features: * Destroy data on any Windows OS that supports. NET Framework * From Simple 1 step - zerofill erasing, to complex Gutmann wipe * Easy to use: hides complexity * Complete shell integration: drag'n'drop and shell context menus * FAT, VFAT, NTFS filesystems supported * Fully shreds unused disk space * Enhanced logging * Operating System wise operations (does NOT destroy locked files) * Command line version for batch operations * Wipe recycle bins * Wipe temporary Internet Explorer data files